Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo Gardens are a great place for a day out, with lots of different animals from lions and lemurs to monkeys and meerkats. There are over 400 species within 12 acres of gardens for you to explore. When you visit, look out for the special displays all about the MSC.

Feeding the animals

Be sure not to miss out on the penguin and seal feeding times when you can learn more about the MSC and the certified sustainable herring which is fed to the seals.


Bristol Zoo has a conservation education centre run by dedicated education officers where school groups can learn about wildlife, conservation, endangered species and their habitats.

In the restaurant

During your visit to Bristol Zoo, why not take a break and enjoy a delicious lunch of MSC certified sustainable fish – be sure to look out for the MSC ecolabel on the menu!

“Bristol Zoo is committed to promoting behaviour change for the good of the natural world. We chose to become certified as we firmly believe in leading by example; practicing what we preach!” Debbie Berry, Education Officer & DMZAA Regional Co-ordinator


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Days Out

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