Kölner Zoo

Kölner Zoo

Feeding the animals

The Köln Zoo (Cologne) was the first zoo in Germany to offer both MSC certified fish for their animals and for visitors in the restaurant. Zoo Köln shows its commitment to the future of our fish by feeding all sea lions and penguins at the zoo with MSC certified herring.


As well as their animal feeds, Zoo Köln has a classroom with an information booth dedicated to marine sustainability. Visitors can accompany the project mascot, ‘Kurt the Cutter’, on his visits to MSC certified fisheries through informative text and striking images which explain aspects of sustainable fishing and the important role MSC fisheries can play in maintaining healthy marine habitats.

In the restaurant

During a fun and interesting day at the zoo, visitors can relax in the restaurant and enjoy some delicious MSC sustainable fish for lunch.



Koln Zoo

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