London Olympics 2012

If you were lucky enough to have gone to the London 2012 Olympic Games then you may have spotted some MSC certified sustainable fish on menus. Every single portion of fish sold at the games was MSC certified!

Over 40 tonnes of fish were sold during the games. This includes plenty of fish and chips as well as McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish Burgers which are made with MSC certified sustainable hoki. At the opening ceremony, the games honoured guests were served MSC certified sustainable Jersey Lobster.

Toby Middleton, UK Manager for the MSC, said “London 2012 promised to be the most sustainable Olympics ever and we’ve certainly seen that living up to its promise with the seafood sourcing. The commitments made by Olympics suppliers will inspire people around the world to consider where their fish comes from and when they get home – in over 80 countries around the world – they’ll be able to choose MSC certified options.”

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