World Oceans Day 2014

Protecting our oceans -are you on board?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is celebrating World Oceans Day  on the 8th June.

 The world's oceans form 70% of the planet – it’s beautiful and it looks inexhaustible – but it’s not! This World Oceans Day the MSC wants to celebrate the important commitments that our certified fisheries are making to ensure that fish stocks are maintained now, and for future generations through fishing sustainably.

 What we do and the choices we make, has a direct impact upon marine sustainability. The blue MSC ecolabel not only provides reassurance that products labelled MSC are fully traceable to a sustainable source, but is a simple and effective way to reward our certified fishers, and therefore have a direct impact upon marine sustainability

 Join us on Sunday 8th June 2014 as we join in the planet’s biggest celebration of the ocean. Find out more . We hope that you will get on board.

 Watch this video to see what students from London think about our oceans!

Download our World Oceans Day activity sheets

Click here for our World Oceans Day activity sheets.  Can you find your way out of our fishy maze?

Days Out

Did you know institutes around the world recognise the importance in protecting our oceans? Click their pictures to find out how they work with the MSC.