Annual DNA Sampling - Assessing Traceability

Annual DNA Sampling - Assessing Traceability

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) carries out annual DNA sampling across all parts of the supply chain to ensure the traceability of MSC labelled seafood and rigour of the Chain of Custody standard.

Year on year, the sampling results show that products carrying the MSC ecolabel are not only traceable to the MSC certified fishery from which they were caught but are also the species they are labelled as; an important result in the seafood industry where mislabelling is a recognised problem.

Our latest survey, in 2013, showed that over 99% of MSC labelled products were correctly labelled. These great results support the integrity of the ‘Chain of Custody’ certificate and the importance for supply chain companies and schools to uphold this standard.

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Annual DNA Sampling

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Sustainable Seafood in School

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