WilsonJones' schools gain MSC certification

MSC certified sustainable fish at WilsonJones' schools

Contract caterer, WilsonJones has introduced MSC certified fish at its 26 school sites. On gaining their MSC ‘Chain of Custody’ traceability certificate, their schools join over 3,000 primary schools around the country that are serving certified sustainable seafood to their pupils. Many of the fish on offer come from the Alaskan and Arctic fisheries, including pollock, salmon and cold water prawns.

Darren Neal, Group Development Chef, explains: “The awareness of MSC sustainable fish and seafood has grown at such a pace over recent years that our customers are exposed to the MSC more and more at supermarkets and restaurants. When meeting with the schools and colleges there are frequent discussions regarding sustainability within the products that Wilsonjones offers - this is a topic we are very proud of and commit to as a whole. We now only source MSC certified fish and this commitment is very much appreciated by our customers, their parents and our clients.”

MSC UK Commercial Officer, Adele Fash, says’ “WilsonJones’ fantastic achievement of MSC certification gives students’ the assurance that their dishes are not only sustainable but also traceable back to the certified sustainable fishery that caught it. Traceability in wild seafood is an important issue and the MSC Chain of Custody certificate achieved by WilsonJones provides this assurance for students and parents alike”.

Seafood has been shown to improve cognition functions during mental tasks and fish oils provide an important nutrient for brain development. Under the School Food Standards, schools are recommended to serve oily fish at least once every three weeks and to follow the Government Buying Standards, which recommend MSC certified fish and seafood.