Describe Me

Cod are a grey-green fish with a spotted pattern on their scales. Cod can grow up to 150 cm long but the majority of cod in Britain are under 90cm long.

Fish Food

The cod eats smaller fish like herring, capelin and sand eels, as well as other animals like shrimp and squid.

Find Me

Cod can be found all over the world in cold waters. MSC certified sustainable cod are being fished from the Barents sea, around Russia, and the Baltic sea, next to Sweden.

Dinner Time

Cod is one of the top 5 fish to eat in Europe. A lot of people like Cod because it has a mild taste and can be used for a lot of different meals. You may have tried it in your fish and chips, fish-fingers, fishcakes or fish pies.

Fishy Fact!

Cod have an recognisable organ on their chin called a barbel. The cod barbel has taste-buds, like our tongues, and is used to help the cod to find food in murky water.