Describe Me

Crabs come in lots of different shapes. They have low spiky shells with 8 legs and 2 large claws as arms. Crab size varies greatly, the largest crab ever measured had a leg span of 3.8m and weighed up to 19kg!

Fish Food

Crabs are omnivores, which means they eat lots of different types of food. Their food includes: small plants called algae, worms, and other small creatures

Find Me

Crabs live in lots of different areas, ranging from rocky shores and beaches to deep sea habitats.

Dinner Time

Crabs have 2 different omega-3 fatty acids which are good to help your body fight against heart disease and other medical problems.

Fishy Fact!

- Crabs start their lives as plankton, microscopic animals that float around the ocean, before they grow up to become adults.

- Just like when we outgrow our clothes, crabs outgrow their shells, and sometimes leave their shell behind to grow a new, bigger one!