Describe Me

Haddock are long and thin, with a dark line running along the side of the fish. They have a dark blotch behind their pectoral fin, which is the fin just behind the gills on the side of the fish. Haddock normally grow to between 50-100 cm in length.

Fish Food

Haddock eat other young fish, mussels, clams and worms.

Find Me

Haddock live in cold waters, close to the sea floor, in up to 200m water depth.

Dinner Time

Haddock is often served in fish and chips shops. It’s great cooked in a fish pie or smoked and served with rice and curry spices.

Fishy Fact

-People sometimes describe the dark blotch on the side of the haddock as a "Devil's thumbprint”.
-When female haddock reproduce they can give birth to 1 million tiny eggs! Not all of these grow up to become adult haddock though.