Describe Me

The halibut is a brown flatfish that has long fins running the length of its body. Halibuts can grow to surprisingly large sizes, normally found at between 1-2m length. Some halibuts have been caught that are up to 4 metres long and weigh 300kg, that’s about the weight of three adults!

Fish Food

Halibut eat small fish like herring and sand-eels, and other creatures like octopus and lobster.

Find Me

Halibut live on the seafloor and like temperatures between 3-8°c. MSC certified sustainable halibut is fished in the Northeast Pacific. 

Dinner Time

Halibut is either sold fresh on ice, smoked or salted. Sometimes you can find it battered, but more often it is served grilled or fried. 

Fishy Fact

When halibut are born, both of its eyes are on the same side of its head. As the halibut grows and gets older, one eye slowly moves around to join the other!