Describe Me

Lobsters are related to prawns and crabs. They have thin bodies covered in a hard shell, big claws and long antenna. Some lobster shells are blue-black when they’re alive but turn red during cooking. Most lobsters are around 30cm in length and weigh around 1kg. However, some have been shown to grow to up to 75cm and weigh up to 4km!

Fish Food

Lobsters feed on worms, scallops and dead fish. Sometimes they even feed on other lobsters.

Find Me

Lobsters only like living in certain areas where the temperatures are just right, normally between 5°c and 20°c. MSC certified sustainable lobsters are currently fished from Canada, Australia and France.

Dinner Time

Lobster is either canned or sometimes transported to restaurants whilst still alive! It is then cooked in boiling water.

Fishy Fact!

Just like when we outgrow our clothes, Lobsters outgrow their shells. Each year a lobster will shed its shell and grow a new shell, often a few centimetres bigger than the previous one.