Describe Me

Mussels are an orange fleshy animal protected inside two dark shells. They can close their shells so they don’t dry out when the tide drops, leaving them out of the water. Mussels are normally around 3cm long, but can grow up to 8cm.

Fish Food

Mussels are filter feeders, this means they filter the water for plankton, microscopic plants and animals floating around in the oceans.

Find Me

Mussels can be found on shorelines all over the world, in water depths above 10m. MSC certified sustainable mussels are collected from Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK.

Dinner Time

Mussels are a very popular dish and are often served in stews or with pasta. ‘Moules marinières’ is a famous French dish where the mussels are cooked with wine, garlic and herbs, served with crusty bread.

Fishy Fact!

Mussels have beards! They grow a hair-like substance to attach themselves to rocks in places where the sea is very stormy and rough.