Describe Me

Sablefish have a round tubular body and look similar to cod, except they don’t have a barbel under their chin. Sablefish grow slowly but have been found to become as large as 100-130cm long.

Fish Food

Adult sablefish eat lots of different food including fish, squid and krill.

Find Me

Sablefish are a deep-water species. MSC certified sustainable sablefish is fished from the North-East Pacific, along the American and Canadian coastlines.

Dinner Time

Sablefish is very popular in Asia and is often prepared for sushi, some people like it grilled or pan-fried though. Sablefish is very high in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids.

Fishy Fact!

Some sablefish have been recorded to be at least 62 years old!
Sablefish are known by many different names including black cod, coal cod, bluefish and candlefish!