Describe Me

Scallops are thick pink disc-like animals inside two fan-like shells. Like cockles and mussels, the shell protects the animal in the middle, which is the part we like to eat. Some scallop shells have been shown to grow to up to 20cm wide! Normally the bigger the outer shell is, the bigger the meat is in the middle.

Fish Food

Scallops are filter-feeders, which means they filter the water for microscopic pieces of food around them.

Find Me

Scallops can be found all over the world, and often live in areas where the sea floor is very muddy.

Dinner Time

Scallops are often cooked in a frying pan. They can be quite expensive though!

Fishy Fact!

-Scallops can actually swim! They can squirt out a jet of water from their shells, which helps them to move quickly away from any predators who might try to eat them.
-Scallops can have up to 100 basic eyes around the edges of their shell. These can not be used to see like we do, but help the scallop detect light and motion.