Describe Me

Shrimp are curved creatures with lots of legs and antenna. When shrimp are alive they are grey or transparent, but turn pink when we cook them to eat! We eat shrimp of all different sizes, and their size often depends on where they live. Larger shrimp are called prawns in some regions. Some deep-sea shrimp have been recorded at 17cm long!

Fish Food

Shrimp feed on plankton, microscopic little animals floating around in the oceans.

Find Me

Shrimp are found all over the world and often live in sheltered locations close to land. MSC certified sustainable shrimp fisheries can currently found in the Arctic and around Canada.

Dinner Time

Shrimp are a very popular type of seafood all over the world. They’re really nice in a salad (there’s one type called a prawn cocktail) or cooked on a barbecue. In Spain prawns are served in a garlic sauce with some crusty bread.

Fishy Fact!

Shrimp are able to rapidly dart backwards by flexing their body, they do this to get away from any predators that might want to eat them.