Describe Me

Tuna are a streamlined silver fish with large eyes, dark blue backs and spiky fins. Tuna are normally between 1-2m in length, they can be very heavy for their size as they have lots of muscle for swimming!

Fish Food

Tuna eat small shrimp-like animals called krill, along with larger animals like pilchards and squid.

Find Me

Tuna live in the open ocean which means they don’t just stay in one place and spend a lot of time swimming around, in fact they never stop moving!

As a result, they can be found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. Most MSC certified sustainable tuna are fished using pole and lines, in some places the tuna are flipped out of the water and onto the boat!

Dinner Time

Tuna is a very popular fish to eat all over the world. It has a nice meaty texture and can normally be found in tins or as steaks. You might have eaten tuna in a salad or a sandwich with mayonnaise.

Fishy Fact!

Tuna are some of the fastest swimmers in the ocean, some yellowfin tuna have had burst speeds recorded of around 30mph