Introduction to Fishery Case Studies

Introduction to Fishery Case Studies

Throughout the world there are fisheries using good management practices to safeguard jobs, secure fish stocks for the future and help to protect the marine environment. In these pages you will find case studies about a variety of fisheries who have achieved the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation for well managed and sustainable fisheries. You can find their products around the world by looking for the MSC blue ecolabel.

Key Themes

Sustainability, Fishing, Marine Stewardship Council, Management, Environmental Impacts, Commitments, Sustainable Development, Overexploitation, Recovery of Stocks, Illegal Fishing

Accompanying Information & Resources

To accompany these case studies, you may find our children’s Fishy Fact Files of interest as they give some interesting information about different fish species.

There are also a number of great videos that may be of use in lessons. A selection of these can be found in the videos section of this website, but there are also lots more on our YouTube channel. Of particular interest may be the video of the Gambian Sole fishery and the Fiji Albacore Tuna Fishery as they provide additional case studies in a slightly different format.

There are many more fisheries that you can find via the MSC website. Here you can also search for fisheries by species.

Additionally, the ‘Community & Livelihoods’ section of our Seafood Matters blog contains a lot of information about fisheries in the MSC program along with more information about the social, economic and community impacts of certification.


Some of the key terms in these documents have been highlighted. The definitions to all these words can be found at the back of this case study pack or you can find it here.

To download the entire pack, please click on the link below. Alternatively, you can click on each page and select the case studies you require. On each page you will also find a question which can be used as a starting point for class discussions and a links to additional information or resources.

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