Marine sustainability

Duration: 1 minute, 37 seconds


Key Themes

Environmental Impact, Sustainability, Fishing, Ecolabel


This short video explains the importance of ensuring marine sustainability and how the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) works with fishers to ensure that fish stocks are protected for the future. 

Healthy oceans are essential for thriving marine ecosystems, livelihoods and economies around the world. Today our oceans are under more pressure than ever from human and environmental impacts.

  • Changing seas: Scientists, governments, conservation groups and fishery managers are among those concerned about changes in some fishery resources.
  • The seafood economy is an essential contributor to global trade, supporting businesses and livelihoods worldwide.
  • Fishing communities need productive oceans for employment and economic security.
  • Fish as food: Fish is a healthy, renewable food source, and for some it's essential for survival. As the world's population increases so does pressure on fishery resources.
  • The environmental impact of fishing needs responsible management to protect sensitive marine ecosystems for the future. 
  • Climate change brings new uncertainties and global implications that compound the challenges of fishing and marine conservation.

Sustainable fishing

Throughout the world there are fisheries using good management practices to safeguard jobs, secure fish stocks for the future and help to protect the marine environment. At the Marine Stewardship Council, we believe that sustainable fishing is a powerful solution. We want to see well managed fisheries recognised and rewarded, and we want to encourage more fisheries to join them.  Through our certification and ecolabelling program we seek to reverse the decline of fish stocks, safeguard livelihoods and deliver improvements in marine conservation worldwide. Our blue ecolabel makes it easy for everyone to make the best environmental choice in seafood.