Red onze oceanen

Help with protecting the seas and oceans of the world to look for the blue and white fish-tick eco-label, such as the one holding Murdock. This logo can be found in supermarkets, fishmongers, or menus.

Why does the sea need our help?

The oceans are full of fascinating plants and animals that depend on each other to survive. Unfortunately, these are sometimes endangered by:

  • overfishing
  • pollution
  • Climate Change

In some places too much fish fished out of the sea before they'd breed. As a result, so there are fewer and fewer fish over in these areas. Other animals, such as seals, dolphins and other fish will perhaps not be enough food. Sometimes people have trouble finding the fish they want to eat.

One thing we can do to help keep the oceans healthy and teeming with wildlife to support fishermen who do not catch too many fish, and who make sure that they do not catch too many other fish.

It's still good to eat fish. And one way to be sure that you are helping the oceans is healthy to ask your parents or they can eat fish with the label. Fishermen who catch these fish do good work and help to protect the ocean.

Send an SOS 

You can help protect the seas by sending an SOSbericht your friends! All you have to do is send an email with a link to the website so they can find out why it is so important to protect the oceans.

Do not forget to look at the MSC logo when you go next to the supermarket. This logo can be found on fish sticks or fresh fish. When you see this logo is the good news! This fish is caught by anglers who want to protect the oceans.